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Laser Calibration and Ballbar Analysis

We use the Optodyne MCV-500 Compact Linear Machine Calibration System 


What are the benefits of Laser Calibration?

  • Increase machine accuracy and repeatability
  • Lower mantainance and production costs
  • Reduce scrap, rework and part inspection costs
  • Develop predictive maintenance programs on machine wear patterns
  • Reduce catastrophic breakdowns
  • Increase equipment life

Laser Calibration Services is $300 per axis plus our hourly rate of $100/hr

Laser Calibration of all 3 axis reduced to $800 plus our hourly rate of $100/hr



What are the benefits of Ballbar Analysis?

Ballbar anaslysis is one of the best tools to determine your machine tool's mechanical and servo performance and allows comparisons with other machines in your facility.  It allows error sources such as backlash, reversal spikes, lateral play, squareness, straightness, scaling mismatch and servo tuning discrepancies to be pinpointed, quantified and reduced or eliminated, resulting in better accuracy in circular interpolation.  Ballbar analysis can be performed in all planes of motion.

Ballbar Analysis $300 per axis plus our hourly rate of $100/hr